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Ian Corp in DBR on NFTs

Ian Corp, an attorney with the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution group, published a commentary in the Daily Business Review where he explored the rights acquired with the purchase of an NFT, the benefits and features received, and how they can help grow your business.

An NFT is a digital certificate generated by a software programming language that represents the purchase of an asset, that is traceable on the blockchain it operates on.

Ian dives into detail on the terms of service of the marketplace where you purchase the NFT, the smart contract, the underlying code that created the NFT, and the underlying copyright or trademark for the NFT and its owner. He further explains the other benefits associated with purchasing an NFT, including the unseen value and privileges for certain owners. Finally, Ian examines the future for NFTs and provides resources for more information.

At Agentis, Ian Corp represents businesses in a broad range of commercial matters, including commercial real estate, banking, partnership disputes, and representation of fiduciaries. He also advises cryptocurrency teams and NFT creators on their projects to ensure they comply with federal securities laws, avoid trademark and copyright infringement, and ensure fair launches.

To see Ian’s commentary in the Daily Business review, “NFTs: What Are Your Rights?” click here.

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