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How to be the associate every firm needs

Agentis does not hire any attorney unless we believe that attorney has what it takes to become a partner someday – what kind of partner that will be is entirely in the hands of the associate lawyer. We foster and encourage immediate business development, understanding that real results do not typically follow for years, but we let them know that…

Robert Charbonneau recently quoted in The American Lawyer

Founding Partner, Robert Charbonneau, was recently quoted in The American Lawyer, in an article about the wave of small business Chapter 11 bankruptcies that may be on the horizon. Charbonneau shared insights on the role of the Subchapter V Trustee, and the impact that Subchapter V has had on creditors. “I’m told from the creditor perspective, they like that the…

Ian Corp in DBR on NFTs

Ian Corp, an attorney with the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution group, published a commentary in the Daily Business Review where he explored the rights acquired with the purchase of an NFT, the benefits and features received, and how they can help grow your business. An NFT is a digital certificate generated by a software programming language that represents the…

Cloyd named partner at Agentis

CORAL GABLES – Feb. 2, 2022– Commercial litigation and bankruptcy attorney Jesse Cloyd has been named partner at Coral Gables based Agentis. “When Jesse joined us in 2019, we knew he was an extraordinary talent and he’s proved us right,” said Managing Partner Jacqueline Calderín. “With almost 15 years of experience, Jesse has a deep knowledge of the law as…

Using a DAO for Corporate Governance

News coverage in recent weeks has shed the spotlight on an increasingly important aspect of the crypto space, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs. What is a DAO? A DAO is an entity that operates on the blockchain. It can be many things, but at its core, a DAO is a collective of interests or individuals that come together to achieve…

“Think Twice Before Modeling Your NFT Project After Existing Brands”

Creating NFTs of luxury products in the metaverse? Here’s how to avoid being sued. Coral Gables, FL – December 13, 2021 – Recently, the Financial Times reported on the luxury goods group, Hermès, as they defend their intellectual property and trademark rights against artist Mason Rothschild, for his creation of, “a colourful collection of fluffy non-fungible tokens based on the…

Vanessa on Real Estate: In a Rush to Buy a Home? Don’t Skip the Process – It can cost you

With record-low mortgage rates, surging home prices, and a shortage of inventory, the housing market continues at a frenzied pace. But that shouldn’t force buyers to cut corners just to save or money. You’ll end up sinking yourself. Purchasing a home is a big investment and buyers should take advantage of the guardrails provided by real estate professionals and going…

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