Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Agentis’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team represents both plaintiffs and defendants in complex, high-stakes disputes. Our team members possess an excellent reputation and proven ability to address and resolve critical business needs, providing clients deliberative, aggressive, creative and effective representation in state and federal courts, and in arbitrations.

We prosecute and defend cases involving breach of contract, distressed debt, fraud, negligence, trade secret theft, tortious interference, breach of fiduciary duties, copyright and trademark infringement, professional malpractice, probate / trust litigation, and more.

At Agentis, our attorneys focus on advancing the interests of our clients, in many cases reaching favorable out-of-court settlements that achieve our clients’ results while saving time and money.

Our representation on complex commercial disputes has included industries such as real estate, banking and lending, aviation, intellectual property, healthcare, and hospitality.

  • Aviation
    Florida is home to over 2,000 aviation and aerospace companies. Our litigators have represented clients across the spectrum of this growing industry, from passenger aviation, de-commissioned military aviation sale disputes, and airline/travel agency litigation.
  • Real Estate Litigation
    Seasoned real estate industry-focused lawyers represent developers, private equity groups, title companies, hedge funds, lenders, and landlords in commercial foreclosures, forbearance, workouts & restructuring, lender liability, partition actions, quiet title actions, and virtually every type of dispute involving real property.
  • Professional Malpractice
    Professionals have heightened levels of duties to their clients; when these duties are breached, the damage to a business can be devastating. We represent professional companies and individuals damaged as the result of professional malpractice.
  • Healthcare
    Our lawyers understand the unique challenges of professionals in the healthcare industry, thanks to our experience representing healthcare-related clients such as physicians and physician groups, hospitals, imaging companies, nursing homes, mental healthcare facilities, medical billing companies, medical software companies, as well as creditors, trustees, and other interested parties in healthcare-related disputes and transactions. Our varied experience in healthcare related matters includes employment and compensation disputes, billing disputes, proprietary licensing and trademark disputes, Medicare disputes, divestiture and change of ownership, restructuring, and general contractual disputes.
  • Intellectual Property
    We understand the extensive time, effort, and expense involved in creating a brand. Protecting that intellectual property is paramount to its owner. Agentis has successfully represented intellectual property owners in connection with a variety of critical trademark and copyright infringement matters, both near and far.

Case Studies

  • Kipu Systems: Agentis represented Kipu Systems LLC in an extremely complex intellectual property, trademark, and breach of contract case against a competitor for reverse engineering its electronic medical records system. The trial involved dozens of witnesses, more than 100,000 documents, and a mysterious IP address in Bulgaria. The case expanded federal law as the magistrate allowed Kipu to serve the complaint on two inaccessible Bulgarian defendants via LinkedIn. Although the defendant denied copying Kipu’s system and argued their product was nothing but healthy competition, the Agentis team proved that significant portions of the defendant’s software was directly lifted from Kipu. Eight federal jurors unanimously found the defendants had breached its agreement with Kipu, unfairly competed with them, and awarded them $19.5 million.
  • Olsen v. Safe Harbor: In a case that lasted four years, Agentis won its clients a defense verdict in a breach of contract case over a $10 million investment. The plaintiff claimed that he was responsible for raising the $10 million and claimed he was owed as much as half of that for his efforts. The Agentis team succeeded in convincing the court to exclude the plaintiff’s star witness, due to discovery violations, and once the trial began, the plaintiff’s damage demand was reduced to only $450,000. The Agentis team also had the foresight to serve an “offer of judgment” early in the case, and when the court ultimately entered a final judgment in Agentis’s client’s favor, the plaintiff was compelled to pay almost all of their attorney’s fees and costs.
  • SHEDDF2-FL1, LLC v. Coral Gables Luxury Holdings, LLC: In this case, Agentis client SHEDDF2-FL1, LLC, a lender, sued Coral Gables Luxury Holdings, LLC, for breach of contract related to a joint venture between famed developers Ugo Columbo and Shoma Homes, in connection with a $16 million loan on piece of commercial property in South Florida. Working collaboratively with Shoma’s in-house counsel, the Agentis team was able to successfully resolve the dispute a mere 12 days after filing the case for nearly $19 million—sparing all parties what could have been seven figures in litigation fees and costs.
  • 3098 Alton LLC v. City of Miami Beach: After several depositions and evidentiary hearings at which Agentis examined Miami Beach City officials under oath, Agentis obtained a rare “writ of mandamus” against the City of Miami Beach, Florida. The writ compelled the City of Miami Beach to immediately restore water and sewer service to a homeowner who received violations relating to Miami Beach’s controversial “AirBnB” ordinance. Agentis successfully argued that the City’s refusal to provide essential services to the homeowner based solely upon the violations was unsupported by City’s ordinances and Florida law.
  • Systemax v. Fiorentino: In this action involving the interplay between federal laws on victim restitution and state laws on judgment execution, Agentis went up against two AMLAW 100 law firms and defeated both. First, Agentis successfully argued that Systemax, a publicly traded company with over 1,500 employees, could not proceed against its former CEO in connection with a Florida judgment execution action. Agentis’s written brief was so convincing that the trial court (Miami’s complex business litigation division) canceled the hearing, ruling that “no hearing is required here.” Systemax appealed that decision, and after a year-long period of briefing and oral argument, Agentis prevailed again before the Third District Court of Appeals.
  • Liana Carrier Ltd., et al. v. Pure Biofuels Corp., et al.: In this complex cross-border litigation, Agentis represented an investor in the third largest Peruvian fuel importer with an annual operational capacity of 270 million gallons of fuel. First, Agentis formulated and executed a plan to serve Pure’s CEO as he exited a plane at New York’s JFK airport, shaving a year off the time usually required to serve a foreign company. After the case was initially dismissed in federal district court, Agentis successfully argued for reversal of the dismissal before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.
  • Distressed Debt Fund 2, L.P. v. FP Dino, Inc.: In this case, Agentis represented a distressed debt fund against one of the top commercial property developers in South Florida. The case involved a $7 million loan collateralized by two large commercial properties in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Agentis was able to negotiate a favorable settlement on the eve of summary judgment hearing, avoiding the need for further litigation and trial, and providing the client with substantial and immediate payments against the indebtedness.
  • Lalwani Claimitt Group, LLC v. Tampa Hotel and Hospitality Management: Kiran C. Patel, et al. In this action brought in the complex business division in Hillsborough County, Florida, Agentis brought breach of contract and other claims against certain entities owned and controlled by Kiran C. Patel, a Tampa-based billionaire philanthropist and healthcare magnate. The claims related to an agreement to enter into eight-figure hotel development deals in Tampa, FL and Pittsburgh, PA. After successfully defeating a motion to dismiss, Agentis negotiated a complex structured settlement.

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