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How to be the associate every firm needs

Agentis does not hire any attorney unless we believe that attorney has what it takes to become a partner someday – what kind of partner that will be is entirely in the hands of the associate lawyer. We foster and encourage immediate business development, understanding that real results do not typically follow for years, but we let them know that the best time to start their development is “right now.”

It sounds cliché, but when it comes to producing work product, take pride in what you do. Before sending your work for me to review, make sure you’ve read your work over at least 3 times. Spelling errors? When I see one, in the age of auto-correct, spell check and even AI, it tells me you don’t care, and nothing will get you off my team quicker.

Speaking of team, teamwork is really important in partner relationships. Find a partner you’d like to emulate, and get on his or her team. By that I mean let the partner mentor you, but remember the relationship goes both ways. While community involvement is great and important, you should always work toward leadership in whatever organization you’re in. If you’re not taking the steps toward leadership, I think you’re wasting your time.

There are many ways to stand out as an associate. While it might sound trite, for me, and I suspect for most of my partners, it’s the young lawyers that go the extra mile to stand out. No one gets in the door unless they are intelligent, articulate, and good writers who are comfortable speaking before large groups of people. But it is the young man or woman who puts in the extra time and work to consistently deliver outstanding product or results that separates themselves from the crowd.

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