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Core Values

Agentis Law core values distinguish our firm from other firms. Our core values include: hard work, collaboration, innovation and creativity, excellence, culture and balance. Agentis Law is distinguished by the quality of the character of its lawyers and staff. We endeavor to keep our egos in check and remember that ours is a service profession where we are called and expected to promote our clients’ best interest first and foremost. We derive great joy and fulfillment from serving others, even under the most trying circumstances. Agentis Law lawyers and staff strive to be true to this character in the manner they conduct themselves in business and in their personal lives.


Some law firms reward attorneys for taking on more work in an attempt to maximize billable time. But that forces lawyers to be reactive rather than proactive and deliberative. Agentis Law is different. We place a premium value on innovation and creativity in our practice. We recognize that innovation and creativity require attorneys to be proactive. Innovation and creativity require attorneys to take the time to actually think through, in detail, every aspect of their cases, and to apply all of the various skills and knowledge available from the rest of the team to derive new angles and original means through which to advocate our clients’ and firm’s interests.


Hard work is one of the principal reasons why lawyers and law firms succeed. Clients want a law firm to work hard for them, and for good reason. An amazingly talented lawyer can be (and often is) out-hustled by a better prepared attorney. Each of us is talented and smart, but generally so are our opponents. We succeed more often than not because we take no shortcuts in preparation. By hard work, we mean not that any particular lawyer bills a certain number of hours per month, but rather that we spend the time necessary to understand our clients’ goals and objectives; communicate with our clients frequently; carefully review relevant documents and testimony; think through all of the issues which we can reasonably anticipate and thoroughly research the applicable law; and prepare and execute innovative and cost effective strategies.


Because we’ve seen firsthand how our clients benefit from having a collegial and collaborative team on their matter, we promote an environment that encourages, recognizes, and rewards collaboration. Collaboration is not merely a buzz word. It is one of the essential principles upon which our firm was founded and it is one reason why Agentis Law has been successful so far and why we expect to succeed in the future. Agentis Law attorneys and staff actively work as a team regarding all aspects of our business—from the strategies we create for our clients, to our marketing efforts, to our administrative functions within the firm. Each of us is a talented and smart individual. But each is unique, and has distinct strengths and weaknesses. By collaborating as a team, Agentis Law can leverage each individual’s unique talents to benefit our clients and the firm as a whole.


While our clients value our commitment to excellence, creativity, collaboration and hard work, they equally value the productive, collegial culture we’ve created to better serve their interests. You’ll find no prima donnas or egotists here. What you will find are highly ethical, smart, hardworking attorneys and paraprofessionals committed to your success. We adhere to a zero-tolerance policy for negativism, self-absorption or other character traits that qualify as culture killers. Everyone in our firm is required to be respectful and supportive in the performance of client work, the pursuit of team interests, and professional and personal relations. If you don’t notice a difference in our culture, we want to know about it. Your feedback is vital because your success and ours are intertwined.


We believe a healthy and happy team can better address our clients’ needs and support our personal growth. So we’ve instituted a firm-wide commitment to a healthy environment, active and healthy lifestyles, and healthy and thriving communities where we live and work. We work hard but we also play hard, and allow our people ample freedom to pursue personal interests and family activities that keep our lives whole, harmonious and meaningfully productive.


At Agentis Law diversity is not a program; it is our strength. We bring to the table real-world perspectives from varied gender, cultural, national, linguistic, racial, and class experience. We’ve made a commitment to respect the environment. From our LEED Certified office, we take recycling efforts seriously and make every effort to avoid paper waste by maintaining most of our work product in electronic files. Our attorneys volunteer in youth organizations, Bar associations, and other community groups that improve lives. We are committed to providing pro bono legal counsel; in fact, we strive to always have at least one or more current and active pro bono matter at all times. We give back to the community by supporting cultural and other philanthropic interests and by sponsoring monthly in-house charity drives that benefit those organizations that are important to and selected by our employees. Furthermore, Agentis Law regularly contributes to various recognized charitable organizations, including: The Camillus House, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Operation Smile, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation, Children’s Home Society, Raices de Esperanza, Marino Autism Research Institute, May Kay Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Wounded Warrior Project, The Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, and various disaster relief efforts.

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Team of Professionals

Jacqueline Calderín

Jacqueline Calderín

Founding Partner

We are focusing on competitive advantage of companies that able to create value through growth.

Robert P. Charbonneau

Robert P. Charbonneau

Founding Partner

REPRESENTATIVE MATTERS Representation of BioNitrogen Holdings Corp. in a Chapter 11 protection matter Representation of an ad hoc committee of construction lien claimants in the Fontainebleau Las Vegas bankruptcy case. Successfully argued for priming liens in excess of $300 million over the priority of nearly $1 billion in existing bank debt before the Nevada Supreme Court and the two federal…

Christopher B. Spuches

Christopher B. Spuches

Founding Partner

REPRESENTATIVE MATTERS Lead trial counsel for plaintiff in commercial dispute leading to $82.2 million judgment against defendants. Lead trial counsel for industry-leading medical software company in multi-week federal jury trial resulting in $19.5 million unanimous verdict against competitor. Lead trial counsel in $1 million contract dispute resulting in successful bench trial verdict. Co-trial counsel in connection with $3.5 million partnership…

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